Hey there!

I’m Marie-Pier and I’m a Systems Wizard

If you’ve landed on my little corner of the internet, my crystal ball says you’re someone who wants a clean and oragnised digital systems.
As great as technology is, you don’t want to spend all your time attached to it. I’m here to help bring a little magical tech organisation to your digital life so you can do what more of what you want with your time.
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I’ve been where you are

Feeling overwhelmed by all the things to do. Scouring the web for THE perfect system to bring it all together.
It took reading more productivity-related books than is probably healthy, listening to countless podcasts on managing workloads, and playing around with a bunch of supposedly “easy to learn, easy to use” apps before I found the right solutions.
Now, I use Notion as my core operating system, and with a few other magical tricks and integrations to keep track of all the things I need to do, even the dreams of “one day” so that when that day comes… I’ll be ready.
And so could you. Let me guide you through the magic of having the right digital systems in place.
This is me 👆🏻, your Systems Wizard
This is me 👆🏻, your Systems Wizard

Why should you consider Notion?

It makes productivity feel like MAGIC
  • You’ll eliminate the need to switch between apps to run your business
  • Automations and integrations do the hard work for you. Often, with a simple flick of a magic wand click of a button.
  • You can DIY the magic by using great templates and making them your own, or you can hire your very own person Systems Wizard (that’s me!) to create a magical potion for your situation
No more guessing what you should work on next
  • First, you’ll improve your productivity by setting clear project goals, tasks and habits
  • Then, I sprinkle in automations, filters and buttons to help connect your tasks so you can spend less time deciding what’s on your to-do list
  • Finally, we dig deeper and connect Notion to the other parts of your business (like your email, your calendar, your social media accounts and more)
Great bewitching perks
  • A free Notion account might be all you need to run your life or business.
  • You can even collaborate with guests without paying a dime.
  • Accessibility features, like dark-mode, alt-tags, different font size and highly customisable blocks make it very user-friendly.
Let’s conjure up some clarity

Need some wizardly counsel?

Send me an email and tell me what’s on your mind. Or message by magical owl, if that’s your thing! We can schedule a quick chat via Zoom (on in person if you’re in Brisbane and like to catch up over coffee) and we’ll get started from there.
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