Wizardly Services

Each of you have very specific specific needs and no two potions Notion workspaces work exactly the same way. That said, here are the types of workspaces I conjure up regularly.
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Types of projects I can help you with

Custom templates for a specific goal
  • Habit trackers
  • Blog and social media content management system
  • Project management tool
  • Client portals
  • To do lists that get updated with the click of a button
  • Inventory tracker
  • Finance and business planning
  • HR or technical documentation
All-in-one workspace
  • You need a workspace that does it all: content management, to-do list, client list, financial tracker, etc.
  • You might also need to collaborate with others, so you need a share-able workspace
  • You just want to get all your stuff in one place
Support and guidance
  • You’ve got a Notion space, but you need help to set-it up correctly
  • Your business is growing and you need someone to help make sure your Notion is working as it should
  • You don’t know how to get started and you want someone to help make sense of it all for you
Let’s conjure up some clarity

Need some wizardly counsel?

Send me an email and tell me what’s on your mind. Or message by magical owl, if that’s your thing! We can schedule a quick chat via Zoom (on in person if you’re in Brisbane and like to catch up over coffee) and we’ll get started from there.
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